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Cold weld - SG 916


  • Finishing solutions
  • Welding

Esthetics - Hygienic - Durability

Cold weld:

  • Application on all types of PVCs except homogeneous ones
  • Quick to implement, does not require specific equipment
  • No water tightness
  • Colourless solution used irrespective of the material colour
  • Excellent finishing quality: prevents all visible joint line traces joint
Descripción técnica
  • Wait at least four hours before using the rooms.
  • Observe all the usual precautions: contains a flammable solvent
  • Code : 0548

Packaging :

  • 1 kit = 1 metal container of 500 ml cold weld / 2 nozzles / 1 applicator bottle / 3 protective rolls
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